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Forest Gardening

I’ve just returned from Devon after being on a forest gardening course at the Agroforestry Research Trust with Martin Crawford. It was probably one of the most inspirational courses I’ve been on. Martin’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is relentless. He has researched into thousands of different plants with many different uses from food, dyes, […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 25th May 2009, under Edible landscapes

Nearly finished wall

Here’s the wall at Eryrys nearly finished……. The wall is nearly finished. Lookin’ good I reckon! We won’t be there for a week. I’m gonna be down in Devon on a course at the Agroforestry Researc Trust….

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Posted by Tom Adams on 20th May 2009, under Stone work

Sample orchard surveys

Below are two examples of surveys I have carried out  recently. The first survey was done in Cheshire at a site of an existing orchard. The second survey was undertaken at a site where the client wanted to plant up a new orchard.   Orchard Report for ____________  at Address  Compiled by Tom Adams on […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 19th May 2009, under Sample orchard surveys

First blog for this luddite……

There is not much call for orchard work at this time of year. I spend some time maintaining my nursery stock , which doesn’t take much time as I have a tiny nursery space (am looking to expand the nursery from tiny scale to small scale! If anyone knows of any land for sale in […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 15th May 2009, under Stone work