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Having recently found out that Pears, Quince and Medlar can be grafted onto Hawthorn I’ve been experimenting with cleft grafting these onto existing hawthorn trees. This is Doyenne du Comice pear cleft grafted onto a 20 year old hawthorn. I have grafted onto a stem about 2 inches in diameter. The stem behind has been […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 14th March 2010, under Edible landscapes,Orchards

Nursery Mistake!

This picture shows where I left non degradable grafting tape on the Adam’s Pearmain tree for the whole of  the last growing season. The tape has restricted the growth of the girth and also the height of the tree. I had negleted to remove the tape off about 15 of my trees in the nursery. All […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 10th March 2010, under Orchards