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Grafted Hawthorns

These Doyenne du commice pears are growing on a 20 year old hawthorn. The scions were cleft grafted in April 2010. So far so good! This Medlar ‘Nottingham’ was budded onto a self set hawthorn in April 2010 and is growing away nicely. The first growth at the beginning of the season got knocked off […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 29th September 2011, under Edible landscapes,Orchards

Hedgerow grafting

These photos were taken on the 23rd July. Left shows a Pitmaston Duchess pear cleft grafted onto a hawthorn. The graft has taken well but hasn’t put on much extension growth. This is probably due to the excessive shade created by nearby trees. The photo on the right shows my most successful graft this season. It’s […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 26th August 2010, under Edible landscapes,Orchards


Having recently found out that Pears, Quince and Medlar can be grafted onto Hawthorn I’ve been experimenting with cleft grafting these onto existing hawthorn trees. This is Doyenne du Comice pear cleft grafted onto a 20 year old hawthorn. I have grafted onto a stem about 2 inches in diameter. The stem behind has been […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 14th March 2010, under Edible landscapes,Orchards

Forest Gardening

I’ve just returned from Devon after being on a forest gardening course at the Agroforestry Research Trust with Martin Crawford. It was probably one of the most inspirational courses I’ve been on. Martin’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is relentless. He has researched into thousands of different plants with many different uses from food, dyes, […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 25th May 2009, under Edible landscapes