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Rabbit Damage

This image shows an apple tree deep in snow. The snow is so deep that the rabbits can now gain access to the bark above the spiral guard and as a result the bark has been stripped all the way around the tree. I have tried trapping the rabbit (there seems to be only one […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 7th January 2010, under Orchards


The pruning season is now with us once again! I began a renovation programme at this orchard in North Wales last year and returned recently to begin the second year’s pruning. I didn’t take my camera last year but this orchard was very overgrown with young native trees intertwining amongst the apples,  pears and damsons. […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 28th November 2009, under Orchards

Grafting courses

I am running  two fruit tree grafting courses in March 2010, just north of Oswestry, Shropshire. They will both be on the weekend of the 6th and 7th and will run from         10am – 1.30pm. The cost will be £45 per person. The course will cover the principles of propagation, rootstocks, knife sharpening and each participant will […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 12th October 2009, under Orchards

Plum/Damson Orchard Renovation

I was recently called to a farm in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, to renovate a very neglected Plum and Damson orchard. The site looked much more like a woodland than an orchard, with suckers shooting up all over the place. As a result of such dense growth, the trees were very tall with the fruit growing only […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 14th August 2009, under Orchards

Work experience at Frank Matthews

I have spent the last two days working at Frank Matthews nursery in Tenbury Wells. I went with the intention of learning how to propagate trees by budding. I very quickly learnt how to bud and came away with a great insight into nursery management. (I think I now have more questions than when I […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 7th August 2009, under Orchards

Would you believe it!!

This very healthy looking scion is a vigorous cooking apple Lord Combermere. The rootstock is the pear rootstock ‘Pyrodwarf’!?! I didn’t think anything would happen here a)for the obvious reason of it being apple grafted onto pear and b) because I cut the scion off the tree as it was breaking bud on 20th March […]

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Posted by Tom Adams on 24th June 2009, under Orchards

A grand day out!

I recieved my scolarship cerificate a coupe of days ago from the Princess Royal. It was a good day. Not only meeting Princess Anne but all the other scolars who had recieved awards. A few of us came away with potentially some very interesting work lined up.

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Posted by Tom Adams on 5th June 2009, under Orchards