Planning a new orchard correctly from the outset has many benefits including ensuring continued healthy tree growth, maximising your yield, and efficient ongoing management.

Assessing your site, soil, aspect, choice of varieties, rootstocks and tree forms beforehand will ensure your orchard is given the best possible start.

We can assist with the planning of new orchards from assessing the land (including pH testing and nutrient testing) to designing the layout and choosing the right varieties to suit yours and the lands requirements.

Using sustainable agroforestry and permaculture principals, our work takes a holistic view of land use management.

There are many different ways to grow trees. We believe that by growing in a healthy, well fed organic soil, creating a biodiverse environment to promote organic pest management and selecting the right varieties and rootstocks to reduce the risk of disease build up is the best approach to establishing an orchard that will thrive without the need for chemical inputs.


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