Here at Tom Adams Fruit Tree Nursery we grow a range of very rare heritage apple varieties, as well as modern varieties suitable for traditional orchards, small holdings and the home garden.
We specialise in hard to find heritage apple varieties from the English/Welsh borderlands.

A Little About Us

We grow all our trees using agroforestry and permaculture principles and closely follow organic standards. The key to growing healthy trees is to have a healthy soil. Our soil is fed by a range of green manures composted on site and fed right back into the soil. This means we don’t need to apply artificial chemical fertilisers to keep our trees happy.

A routine spray programme comprising organic seaweed extract and garlic oil is carried out throughout the growing season to help with pest and disease resistance as well as to promote strong healthy growth.

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Our Blog

Planting season

tinified (6) We’ve started lifting trees now they are dormant. Once they are dug out of the ground they are ‘heeld in’ to a bed with very light soil where they can be easily lifted as they are ordered.

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Lost Shropshire apples

Take a look at our collection of rare borderland apple varieties.

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Chip budding

I’ve just removed the grafting tape off grafts I did in June. Here’s a nicely taken chip bud with the bud looking healthy…

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